Sunday, November 15, 2009

from senseless, stupid destruction grows subtle arson art

Setting intentional fires to vacant properties is a serious problem in many cities.

In Youngstown recently, two fires set during the month of October destroyed four historical structures on the north side - all within the same block. The concentration of the damage and grandeur of the original homes really upset many people.

The Youngstown Renaissance blog covered the arsons particularly well, complete with before and after photos, in addition to a respectful dialogue in the comments section.

It's appalling that firefighters have to risk their lives put out these arsons, and it's suspicious that private construction firms the next day are leaving messages at city hall to clean up the sites for free (to loot any salvageable remains).

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Earlier in the week came word that some signage was popping up around the arson site on Pennsylvania Ave. I went this morning to investigate what others have been talking about:

No comments here on the signage . . . make your own interpretations.

But, if you have any information on the arsons, contact the numbers on this sign:

Tips to 330.782.0055 and 330.743.2141 can lead to a $5,000 award.

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