Friday, July 15, 2011

one Rocky Ridge Resident will win the 2011 Volney Rogers Emerald Pierogi Award

"This park was conceived in his heart,
and realized thru his devotion."

Volney Rogers was a king among men.

Born on December 1st 1846, Mr. Rogers was the founding father of Youngstown's Mill Creek Park - established in 1891 as the first park district in the state of Ohio.

Today, Mill Creek Park and its gorges and waterfalls wind through the neighborhoods of Youngstown, with hundreds and hundreds of houses bordering its sinuous landmass.

Generations of families have enjoyed its trails, its trees, its architecture, and its beauty.

It is with this great history in mind that a new award was created in Volney's honor - an award for the Rocky Ridge Neighborhood, a section of the city surrounded by Mill Creek Park.

presenting the Volney Rogers Emerald Pierogi Award for home beautification:

The Volney Rogers Emerald Pierogi Award will be bestowed upon a resident of the Rocky Ridge Neighborhood in August 2011.

In order to win the award, you must live somewhere on this map:

The application is due July 31 and can be downloaded by clicking on each of the two images below (2 pages of application). Nominating neighbors is allowed!

If you would like a pdf of the application or have more questions about the award, please email [ RockyRidgeNeighbors (at) gmail (dot) com ].

note: Youngstown artist Lynn Cardwell (etsy page here) produced the award at her studio.

from the wikipedia entry for Volney Rogers...
In 1920, less than a year after Volney Rogers' death, Youngstown Mayor Fred J. Warnock presided over the public unveiling of a massive bronze likeness of Rogers that was designed to honor his achievements. Rogers had been alerted to plans for the tribute before his death and was deeply moved.

The Volney Rogers Memorial still stands near the main entrance of Mill Creek Park. At the time of its unveiling, Warnock captured the sentiments of many community residents when he stated:

"We do not erect monuments to selfishness.... We erect monuments to those who live for the community and whose high ideal is the welfare of the many. That is why we are honoring Volney Rogers today."


Youngstown City Event Calendar said...

who do we send nominations to?

Anonymous said...

I nominate Mike Ray Jr., a West Side resident who is bettering Youngstown through his work with the Youngstown State University community and with the J. Ford Crandall Foundation.