Friday, July 08, 2011

the Federal Building is fully rented - before the official opening - a true Youngstown success story

Well, the market is there folks.

All 12 apartments in the newly renovated Federal Building have been rented. This has occurred many weeks - even a month or two - before the official opening.

It shows what happens when a company with reputable leadership do their homework, set proper price points, and pay attention to historical details.

(for example: the sign was saved, fixed, and glows red neon at night)

Never been inside The Federal Building?

let's take a look ...

Designed by the world-famous architect and city planner Daniel Burnham (think Union Station in DC and the layout of Chicago) in 1899, the four-story structure is a significant one in Youngstown's history.

Stepping inside the lobby, we can see an art-deco inspired lobby added at a later date.

The renovated hallways have kept the original wooden doors, and the terrazzo floors shine throughout.

The attention to detail on the lighting and paint colors is a great touch.

The wooden designed railings have been kept, and repainted.

Now, let's step inside one of the units.

First thing you see is the amazing view - just look at the beautiful art deco Metropolitan Tower from the window...

The reddish building on the left is another Burnham building in Youngstown, this one 13 stories tall, but sadly the wonderfully ornate cornice was removed at some point.

However, we can still see the amazing details in the building - a building now over 100 years old itself (and rumored to be a boutique hotel downtown). What a view of the details from these apartments!

Now looking out some additional windows...

And inside the kitchen and living room...

Now going down to the ground floor, to the restaurant level...

Here's the view from the side private room along Phelps Street. Great window views!

The restaurant too has kept some unique details...check out the design.

Mixing the old and the new, here is the tile pattern that will be located in the kitchen and to the bathrooms:

While the Federal Building as a long-term business success still has to be determined, the project has a great start out of the gate.

The attention to detail and respect to the original architecture makes the entire building a gem to walk through.

Add the fact that all of the apartments are rented before the grand opening, the rollout of the renovation is a pretty impressive feat.

Final point: the demand is there, and when the price point and quality match, the tenants line up to live in downtown Youngstown.


kristina said...

I know all units are rented but do you know how much the rent is?

Anonymous said...
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Janko said...

According to

prices per month went from $500 a month for a studio to $980 a month for a 900 sq ft corner lot with two bedrooms with kitchen and living room.

All utilities, heating, cable, etc are included in the rent except electric.

Each floor has a semi-private washer and dryer.

GinaZ. said...

I worked in that building for 3 yrs and just amazed by the beautiful transformation. Hope there's a open house.

Peggy Gurney said...

Love this article. Thanks for sharing so many details with us. It's great to see what's happening.

I thought "rented out" meant rented out to businesses. It's great to see the lovely apartments. Not only are the renovations improving the downtown "look", but helping the housing situation, as well.

Great job!

Mike Prelee said...

The building looks wonderful. I hope it's a long term success and proves that there is a demand for living space downtown.