Thursday, July 14, 2011

it's now been 30 days since the city issued a citation on the vinyl siding - what's the status?

According to this story in the Business-Journal, on June 14 a citation was issued by the City of Youngstown to the owner of 25 West Federal Street.

The reason:
vinyl siding was applied to the facade of the three-story structure without a building permit. Furthermore, the vinyl siding was a material that was rejected by the city's Design and Review Committee.

Due to this double-whammy of installing undesired materials without a permit, the owner of the building had 30 days from the day the citation was issued to correct the situation and install the previously approved materials.

If the building is not improved in 30 days, then every single day afterward, the city is to issue a $100 fine until resolution.

- - -

So now it's been 30 days.

To casual observers on the street, building has not been touched.

Has a fine of $100 been sent?

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here's the facade with the vinyl front:

a zoom-in of the quality of the work around the windows:

a crew was there the weekend of Friday June 10 to put up the vinyl siding:

Nothing personal, just maintain your property as agreed to...

Anyone have an update on the situation?

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Mike Prelee said...

That looks terrible.