Thursday, November 08, 2007

bye bye floor, hello cornice

let's get back in that davis building!

First off, the entrance to the architectural firm (second floor) and private residence (third floor) is from the alley behind the building. The plans call for making a large atrium taking up all of the space in the rear of the building. To form this, the floor was taken out, and this picture was shot from the second floor:

Looking at the rear of the building from the ground floor with the floors removed . . .

. . . and if one looks back to the Federal Street part of the building.

The facade is coming along nicely, with some white plaster brackets being added to the cornice.

If we climb the scaffolding, we can get a better look at the new cornice.

And then taking some spooky shots from the basement:

One gets a sense things are progressing rapidly. However, the 3rd floor still seems to need some work.

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