Saturday, November 03, 2007

a subtle change in the heading

- - -

until today, the top of this blog read:

dedicated to the city of youngstown and those who strive to promote it

and from hench forth, will be changed to:

dedicated to the city of youngstown and those who strive to create it

- - -

Meeting all of these people, week in and week out, people aren't just talking about things - the citizens of Youngstown are switching from just consuming a city - to creating a city.

You can hear it in their voices. You can see it in their investments.

You can feel their pride that this is the place they call home.

both newcomers and long-time residents.

Rebirth everywhere (from this week) -

- an article in Valley 24 about a church rehab
- a new art gallery downtown
- a buiding whose most recent addition was 1899
- a new park
- new music in the streets
- even resurrected neighborhoods

sure, there wil be wins and losses along the way.

and not everything at the moment is a perfect peach - not even close.

lots of work to do.

- - -

But momentum is building . . .

join the revolution.

create this city


Christopher Barzak said...

I like the switch. Words are powerful. They create us as we use them to give ourselves expression. Creating Youngstown is far better than promoting it. Consumerism is the nightmare specter of the 20th and 21st century, and it's haunting us still.

Accent Media, LLC said...

I second what Christopher said! Creation means you take some responsibility and accountability for what is happening and what you are becoming. Promoting is just the town crier ringing his bell, maybe fun to look at, but not actively involved in the process, just reporting it.

In our field, creation is 90% of the game and the promotion can be self generating if your creation abilities are in tune. Keep up the great work....SAF