Wednesday, November 21, 2007

starting the holiday off the right way

oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

I love thanksgiving.

it's my favorite holiday. I even like it a bit more than Halloween, Festivus, and General William Tecumseh Sherman's birthday.

let's review my thanksgiving list . . .

- picked up friend from airport visiting from foreign country. CHECK
- explained to friend upon disembarquement that they are responsible for a dish at the table from their homeland, scaring them immensely. CHECK
- packed dirty sweatshirt for morning football. CHECK
- attended the stage

woah, still need to do that last one. you too?

well, be at the oakland at 8pm wednesday night to see another installment of THE STAGE!

last time was a blast, you can check out a review here, which contains videos.

looking for new friends, or a unique way to rekindle old friendships?

the stage is a perfect venue.


Debra Weaver said...

I have truly started my holiday off the right way! The Stage was awesome!

susie said...

The STAGE is always a great time but last night was, well, shockingly awesome! :-)