Thursday, November 01, 2007

public art popping up around town

Thanks to Abraham White for writing at Supopular about the unique art that is popping up all over town.

It's refreshing to see good public art instead of the usual crappy tags that are underneath many bridges and the sides of buildings. (interpretation: Stew has no talent whatsoever and should put himself out of his misery)

Keep up the good work whoever is doing all this. Keep pushing your artistic boundaries and stay away from mundaneness.

And look for more stories on the musik, art, and cultural scene in youngstown at Supopular.

1 comment:

gattino said...

Sick industrial stencil piece. Where is that located, and who did it? For some reason I am guessing it is up on Market Ct. (the alley between West Fed. and W. Boardman, Downtown). There is also a slim panel screwed into a no parking sign on N. Hazel, outside of Cedar's. If I recall correctly, it looked sort of like a chessboard (black and white).

Stew is a talentless numbskull with way too much time on his hands!

"Despot" is okay, and "Rise" is unquestionably the nicest in the Yo.

Please show Rusty Waters some love, Janko. What is the scenario? Who do we have to pay-off to get a thumbnail or link to either our homepage or ourspace? Let me know...I'll write the check.

gattino, N. Yo.

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