Wednesday, November 28, 2007

framing the davis question

the question is: when will we able to see more pictures?

well, NOW!

Since our last update, the roof has been replaced, the interior wooden framing has been constructed, and the walls have been sandblasted.

Here's a picture from across the alley showing the 2nd floor roof going in. Notice the 15 year old tree to the right on top of the state theater. It provides nice shade for the roofers.

Here's another perspective of the open roof, but from the ground floor looking up. The first and second floors are framed in such a way that the picture is taken from the future two-story lobby.

Going up to the third floor along the newly-built steps . . .

One can see this panaramic shot from the third floor.

With light streaming throught the back windows that will lead to the rooftop terrace.

Here is a picture of the walls and interior brickwork before sandblasting

and after sandblasting.

Finally, a shot from the roof at dusk, peering down Federal Street. Check out those beautiful medians.


Tyler said...

Always getting those median plugs in. Good man!

Lou said...

Man, I Mean, you're always in median mode.