Thursday, December 27, 2007

the cénacle at selah

I'm always amazed on how people find this blog. Many times, surfers are looking for a certain restaurant or event but because they have no presence on the internet, Shout Youngstown pops up.

Metro Monthly recently featured a piece on Selah, a french-american fusion bistro, that fits this category. What interested me the most about this place is how the place sits in a former bank, with the renovations taking advantage of such architectural details such as the teller windows and the vault. This YouTube clip points out those details.

The video also contains information about their dinner theatre on the second floor of the building, and their weekly jazz nights. Selah is located on Bridge Street, just along the Mahoning River.

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Anonymous said...

Selah has the potential to be a good restaurant. It has a great location and atmosphere. The dishes are good on paper, but in execution the good falls short. It's underseasoned. The pasta needs to be drained better. Everyone I know who's gone there has experienced the same thing. The pasta dishes are soupy and bland. My friend's fish dinner was overdone with vinegar...a classic means restaurants use to cover up less than great fish. I won't be going back. It's a shame because it has so much else going for it, but if they put as much care in the food as they do the atmosphere I could be a great place.