Friday, December 14, 2007

cupcakes and angry elves

Only two shows left at the Oakland for the double performances of Season's Greetings and Santaland Diaries.

this Saturday, December 15th, at 8pm
this Sunday, December 16th, at 8pm

At the Sunday show starting at 7pm, every visitor to the Oakland will receive a free cupcake treat from the Youngstown gourmet cupcakery POP!.

here are some picts, ordering info is on their website: (disclaimer: POP! cupcakes will not help you lose weight, make you prettier, make your car payments, or get you a better job.)

check out those Heath Bar Cupcakes and the Apple Pie Cupcakes!

Regardless if you find the musings of David Sedaris hilariously funny or disappointingly annoying, the cupcakes make the trip downtown worth it!


leah1351 said...

Those cupcakes look way better than the cookies I made today. I want one!

Debra Weaver said...

I couldn't resist, they look delicious! Pop Cupcakes is now my friend on my space. I can't wait to order a dozen.