Friday, December 28, 2007

third look inside the rosetta stone

A few days before Christmas, I snuck inside the Rosetta Stone Cafe to take a few more pictures. This post will provide an update of the construction, plus a sneak preview of the menu.

The full-service restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, as indicated in this article from the Business-Journal:
"The static portion [of the menu] will feature steaks, chicken and other entrees. The other will be “somewhat dynamic and change relatively frequently,” he continued. Among the selections will be Peruvian and Mediterranean dishes.

The chefs are Barry Karrh and Chuck Wolfcale. Karrh, who attended culinary school in France, comes from Mississippi and “brings a lot of French Creole and Cajun to the table.” Wolfcale has been a chef in the area more than 27 years."
Here is photo of the rapidly changing mural that runs along the back of the stage.

Now peeering towards the wine room,

when we look inside we can see the racks for all the bottles.

This section of the restaurant is now carpeted and ready for furniture.

Speaking of furniture, here are some seats being put in:

Ok, now back to the menu. Picking out some (but not all) items

For breakfast: bagels, croissants and muffins will be baked daily.

For appetizers: asiago stuffed mushrooms, spinach pies, and vichyssoise, etc.

For salads: goat cheese and fruits with baby greens, Chilean caeser salad, etc.

For meats: fillet, ribeye, ny strip, and surf and turf, etc.

Other main courses: trout almandine, butterflied shrimp in tumeric

For vegetarians: mushroon ravoli, ratatouille, etc.

For desserts: lemon souffle, mousse cake, etc.

Keep in mind there is a whole bunch of stuff from the menu that I did not include, including other entrees, soups and sandwiches. I just chose those things that jumped out at me and my palate.


George Nemeth said...

Looks amazing. When is it expected to open?

Debra Weaver said...

I'm so excited! I can't wait to eat there.