Wednesday, December 12, 2007

for real?

my Google Alert found this on the Feast of the Seven Fishes blog:
"The best part of this signing by far was all the fans who came in with printed out blogs about the event, those are the true fans!"

for real?


Christopher Barzak said...

I'm sure it's for real. You wouldn't believe how helpful the bloggers announcing the release of my novel earlier this fall was to getting it read by people. More and more, people get their advice and suggestions from the internet than a newspaper or magazine. Promotion through blogs works rather well. It helps to make people aware that something out there exists, so they can go to it, read it, listen to it, see it, eat there, etc. Not so great news for newspapers, but good news for us. Online, our stories can reach further than a newspaper can.

If only I could blog as a part-time day job again. That was really a lot of fun.

Debra Weaver said...

I too, went to the signing. When I walked in the door a man asked me where I had heard about it?I told him from the Shout Youngstown Blog. Perhaps they kept a tally. It would be interesting to obtain the number of people who were there because of the blog and/or e-mail. Susie B. also picked up on the story and sent it out to her list. I agree with Chris, blogs and e-mail are terrific for promotions! I saw this first hand at the Art Youngstown Exhibition. It is an awesome phenomena!

Teddy said...

I am a Jazz guitarist from Youngstown who has also got a lot of response through the Internet for my CD "It Makes Me Glad" and am very thankful. I wanted to post that I also have been a big supporter of Jazz in Youngstown, at Cedars I've been there for over 20 years every Tuesday night. As of late they changed it to every other week. I wanted to make this known in this blog so others can know because the support for Jazz Music in Youngstown is waning which is very sad to see. I Thank Tommy Simon for being the only club owner to support jazz all these years but if something doesn't change soon I can see a tradition of Youngstown dying.
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As I said before like you and your success of your book thru blogging I know things are moving around the world for me because of my music thru the internet which I am very thankful. I am also looking forward for the next chapter to begin.

Congrats Chris I have heard about your success thru friends and I am thrilled for you. If anyone would like to contact me my e-mail is on my website.

Peace, Teddy