Tuesday, December 18, 2007

first look inside the rosetta stone cafe

Over the past few weeks, local message boards and blogs have been buzzing about the opening of the Rosetta Stone Cafe in downtown youngstown. The Rosetta Stone Cafe will be a full service restaurant with an extensive seating area, bar, and even a bakery with pastries and other oven-fresh goods.

Three weekends ago just after Thanksgiving, one of the partners gave Shout Youngstown a tour of the building in which the Rosetta Stone Cafe will be housed. The building was at one point a Woolworth's department store, and its most recent commercial incarnation was a Rite Aid. Here is a photo of the front of the building at present, located at 110 West Federal Street:

Signs on the front windows show they are looking to hire employees in time for their grand opening. Check out this Craiglist ad for more details, or contact them at [info (at) rosettastonecafe (dot) com].

Here is a picture facing what will be the bar area:

From behind the bar, you can look across to the main entrance and out to Federal Street.

Next, in the center of the space towards the back, we have an arched ceiling where the stage will be.

Glancing around the main room, there are some various spaces for semi-private and private dining and meetings.

Into one of the bathrooms before the thrones are installed,

And finally, a quick peek at the kitchen area:

come back tomorrow to this blog, and we'll fast forward though more construction and another update. This one will be from a week ago, or about two weeks after the pictures in this post.

And again, if you or other you know would be interested in working at the Rosetta Stone, give em a call or shoot them an email.

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Debra Weaver said...

I am very excited about the opening of the Rosetta Stone! I am curious to know how many job applicants have applied to work at the restaurant? The help wanted sign has been up for a while. Good service is imperative in this business. I would suggest that perhaps the owners post their menu with prices on the blog, or give a general idea of what the prices will be. Servers make a good portion of their money from tips, which are generally based on the cost of the bill. If they know what to expect in regards to potential tips, perhaps the sign will come down.