Tuesday, January 29, 2008

7 part lecture series at YSU on start-up businesses

Hey, listen up.

There is going to be a series of webcasts at YSU free and open to the public, intended for entrepreneurs

There is no charge to attend, but reservations are required. To make a reservation, call (330) 941–3064. Free parking is available in the parking deck on Wick Avenue.

Each session will be held from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the Cafaro Suite in Williamson Hall.

Go listen to Chuck speak at the first session about the very successful SBIR (small business industry research) Program. We need more winners of this FREE MONEY from the mahoning valley.

- - -

Jan. 30: Funding University Startups with SBIRs
Jo Anne Goodnight (Division of Special Programs, Office of Extramural Programs, National Institutes of Health); Kesh Narayanan (Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships, National Science Foundation); and
Charles Wessner (Program on Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, The National Academies)

Feb. 13: Alumni Funded University Commercialization Funds
Daniel Behr (Harvard University); Melissa Carrier (University of Maryland Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship); and Leon Sandler (MIT Deshpande Center)

Feb. 20: What Do Early Stage Investors Really Look For In Startups (I)
Cali X. Tran (North Bridge Venture Partners); Constance Freedman (Cue Ball); and David Beisel (Venrock)

Feb. 27: What Do Early Stage Investors Really Look For In Startups (II)
Jura Zibas (Clear Springs and S.N. Phelps & Co.); Dan Gordon (Valhalla Partners); and Stephen Ringlee (Cimarron Capital Partners)

March 5: The Commercialization Continuum – Creating IP to Creating Companies.
Tracy Warren (Battelle Ventures); Alex Fischer (Battelle); and Glenn Kline (Innovation Valley Partners)

March 12: What Do Corporate VCs Really Look For In Startups
Don Clark (NEC Corporation of America); Paul Cummings (Honda Strategic Venturing); and Julie Gerstenberger (Eastman Kodak Co.)

What Do Early Stage Investors Really Look For In Startups (III)
Thomas L. Churchwell (Midwest Venture Partners); Mark Grovic (University of Maryland New Markets Fund); and Matt McCooe (Chart Venture Partners)

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