Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the ascension

On December 29th, the individuals who will compose Youngstown City Council for the next four years were sworn into office. Of the seven ward seats, six of them are new to the office, now held by first-time officeholders.

Pictured here is 1st ward councilperson Annie Gillam, just as she was taking the oath to upload the Constitution and the laws of the city:

Here is the view of downtown from Council Chambers on the sixth floor of city hall:

And here is the beautiful ceiling of the chambers, restored a few years ago:

Listed below is the contact phone number for each of your City Council members, as provided on the city's website. You can find a map of the wards of Youngstown here.*

First Ward
Annie Gillam

Second Ward
DeMaine Kitchen

Third Ward
Jamael Tito Brown

Fourth Ward
Carol Rimedio-Righetti

Fifth Ward
Paul Drennen

Sixth Ward
Janet Tarpley

Seventh Ward
John R. Swierz

Council President
Charles Sammarone

*note: for a listing of some really cool GIS maps, go here.

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Debra Weaver said...

I kinda like the typo "that Annie uploaded the Constitution". In addition I have been told that for council committees such as Park and Rec, Finance, etc.etc. that there are supposed to be citizen representatives on them. I am interested in finding out how one goes about getting on those committees as a citizen and so far I have been unable to find out the particulars, by chance do you know?