Monday, January 28, 2008

Valley native Schreckengost, renowned designer, passes away at 101

Viktor Schreckengost, born in Sebring, winner of the National Medal of Arts, and artist extraordinare, passed away over the weekend at the age of 101.

from his wikipedia article:
"Schreckengost taught industrial design at the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) for more than 50 years, and is Professor Emeritus at CIA today. He was also the youngest faculty member ever at CIA (then known as the Cleveland School of the Arts). Schreckengost founded CIA's renowned school of industrial design, the first of its kind in the country."
and from the website of his foundation:
"Every adult in America has ridden in, ridden on, drunk out of, stored their things in, eaten off of, been costumed in, mowed their lawn with, played on, lit the night with, viewed in a museum, cooled their room with, read about, printed with, sat on, placed a call with, enjoyed in a theater, hid their hooch in, collected, been awarded with, seen at a zoo, put their flowers in, hung on their wall, served punch from, delivered milk in, read something printed on, seen at the World’s Fair, detected enemy combatants with, written about, had an arm or leg replaced with, graduated from, protected by, or seen at the White House something created by Viktor Schreckengost."
click here to access his gallery, where you can see more wonderful images like this:

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