Sunday, January 06, 2008

live from new orleans

So it's a normal Saturday afternoon.

I just jumped on a horse carriage with six other of my friends from Louisiana.

The driver wanted two more passengers before leaving for a stroll.

And then, like magic, two unknown people jump aboard.

And of course, they're from Youngstown.

C'mon Jimmy.

Win it for the O. Win it for the Yo.

O - H - I - O


Leann said...

"And of course, they're from Youngstown"

...isn't everybody? :-)

Go Bucks!

~Leann (MVHS)

Anonymous said...

Boy, you sure must have some REALLY cool friends! ;) It was great having you come down and stay with us. Now it's time for us to head up there and learn what Ohio hospitality is like. Hugs and Love buddy! -Betts

Anonymous said...

Boy, you must have some REALLY cool friends! LOL ;) Thanks so much for coming down once again! We loved seeing you and catching up. Now it's time for us to head up 'nawuth to see you! Hugs and Love!


Katie Libecco said...

My favorite Youngstown-ite run-in was sitting in front of Old Faithful in Yellowstone. They moved to North Dakota and said they'd never come back to the city since OUR winters were so bad!