Monday, September 15, 2008

constructive deconstruction

Work began mid-August on the demolition of five structures between downtown youngstown and the university on the hill, whose former footprints will be the location of the new Williamson College of Business building.

Here's a photo of the site taken yesterday:

You can also track the day-to-day progress of the construction of the new $34.3 million certified LEED-gold building here:

from the project's press release:
"Youngstown Mayor Jay Williams said partnering with the university on the project is exceptionally beneficial because it will not only vastly improve a blighted area on the perimeter of downtown, it also will create a magnificent and powerful linkage between the city’s central business district and the university campus.

The new Williamson College of Business Administration will be a three–story, state–of–the–art facility bounded by Wood Street on the south, Rayen Avenue on the north and Phelps Street on the east. The building will be just east of St. Columba Cathedral and the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown."

be on the lookout in tomorrow's blog for the final design plans of the new building.

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