Wednesday, September 24, 2008

let's do it for coach - 22,000 strong

UPDATE:more cowbell

- - -

boy, last weekend's football game was exciting.

In case you missed it, YSU knocked off the #2 team in the country.

And as usual, Bob Hannon and Coach Dick Hartzell did a phenomenal job of calling the game. They are so descriptive when explaining the situation on the field.

Youngstowners know the only way to experience YSU football is with Coach and Bob on the radio, even if the game is televised or you are at the stadium.

- - -

"amen, brother"

And Coach has a request for this weekend:

Get 22,000 people at Stambaugh Stadium at 6pm on Saturday.

why doubt a man who could do this at 67 years of age?:

The Penguins will take on the undefeated Liberty University Flames (the school Jerry Falwell founded) as their opponent.

For the Youngstown Nation diaspora around the country, you can listen to the game live here.

But if you live anywhere in the Cleveburgh Corridor, Stambuagh Stadium will be the place to be.


Phil Kidd said...

Agreed. YSU is def. a completely different team w/ this new quaterback. North Dakota State did not have an answer for him and the ENTIRE OFFENSIVE LINE was named as the Offensive Player of the Week in the conference! Beating #2 NDSU was kind of like when Rocky cut Drago in Rocky IV. Packing Stambaugh this Saturday and winning big against 3-0 Liberty could be the exclamation point/total momentum swing heading into the heart of the conference schedule. If you haven't been to a YSU football game or Stamabugh Stadium on a Saturday evening, come Saturday (and don't forget to check #1 voted I-AA football tailgate in the nation)

Anonymous said...
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