Thursday, September 11, 2008

youngstown on cover of Next American City mag, 6-page color story inside

exciting news!

today the latest issue of the Next American City magazine came out, with Youngstown landing a six-page, full-color article explaining its city planning efforts and the 2010 plan.

NAC was founded in 2002, and after picking up a copy a few years ago, I fell in love with this magazine.

It covers architecture, city planning, transportation, urban economies, environmental issues, education, and labor/workforce development issues of cities - all topics this blog is keen on. Although the Youngstown story isn't posted online yet, other articles from previous issues can be accessed here at their website.

taking a look inside...

the article's title is: Can They Save Youngstown?

what's interesting to notice is the pictures the photographer chose for the article: the smokestacks from youngstown thermal, the paramount theater, the vw bus next to a terra cotta building...

attention, city leaders: objects like these are appealing to the tech-generation.

Light those towers at night!
Preserve the facades of all the remaining theaters!
Maintain a walkable and interesting streetscape at eye level!

Much thanks goes to Abby from GLUEspace in Pittsburgh who introduced us to the editors of the magazine in May.

For all you Youngstown fans on the east coast, the launch party for this issue will take place in the city of Philadelphia, on Thursday September 11th from 8 to 11pm at the Ugly American at 1100 South Front Street. More info on who's DJing at their website.

and if you are a city planning student or fan of rust belt wonderment, some of the local bloggers in town (two mentioned by name in the article) would be happy to provide tours of the city, meeting new friends in the meantime.

contact us.

good press, Team Youngstown...

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