Tuesday, September 30, 2008

what's at podcamp pittsburgh oct 18th & 19th?

why i'm going to podcamp pittburgh 3:

(1) - it's free
(2) - it's conveniently during a weekend
(3) - it's good opportunity to learn new things
(4) - i want to meet other Cleveburgh bloggers

It seems like the content of the conference is geared towards both beginners and pseudo-experts, and you can find the two-day schedule here.

some of the topics include:
"Intro to Blogging"
"Podcasting 101"
"Social Media Business Plans"
"Video Compression Best Practices"
"Using Analytics"
"Search-Engine-Friendly Blogging"
"Social Media and the Arts"
"Rustbelt Bloggers Roundtable"

so yeah, there will be a few of us caravaning from the Yo if you want to carpool.

It will held at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh downtown from 9am to 5pm both days and you can register here.

ps. I have been physically threatened to return to Youngstown saturday night from Pittsburgh because the following is going on that night downtown:

- Kelly Pavlik fight
- Ice event at the Chev which will air on Christmas on NBC
- YSU football game
- Oreo stacking cancer contest
- Mahoning River nude swim 2008

So there is also a chance some people will be returning Saturday night as well, or as was presented to me at knifepoint, I could actually bring some of the people attending Podcamp to Youngstown for the evening as the two places are so close.

While the jury is still out on my personal location Saturday night, I encourage you to attend Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 regardless.


Tyler said...

Mahoning River nude swim 2008? Surely this is a joke?

dr radical said...

i know some people from the burgh that will be at the camp.

who likes art?


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