Thursday, September 18, 2008

first fall STAGE thursday (tonight) - huzzah!

waiting for your day to finish?


when it's quittin time, head on over to the Oakland from 8pm to 11pm - I double dutch dare you.

Cause it's the next installment of THE STAGE, where the performers get in for free and it's only 5 bucks to watch in the audience. Free food as well.

AND, there is now wi-fi in the Oakland, so if the singing is awful, you could always check Facebook. Or you can be the first person to ever do a live blog from The Stage. Or you can email.

and, wow wow wow wow wow.

This may be your last chance to see the Star Gallery filled with the works of Hannah Woodroofe. More here.

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1 comment:

Federal"ish" Papers said...

The Stage! Free WiFi! Get me a coffee IV drip, and I'm in heaven.....see you there