Monday, February 23, 2009

on c-span: Youngstown Mayor Williams discusses meeting with Obama

Fresh off his friday meeting with President Obama at the White House, Youngstown Mayor Jay Williams sat down with Pedro Echevarria on c-span's Washington Journal program the next morning.

You can watch the 27 minute clip here.

The show covered a wide array of topics, including:

- how Youngstown will refund the stimulus money towards economic development initiatives to the feds if benchmarks are not met.
- the growing technology cluster in downtown youngstown
- how stimulus HUD money will arrive directly to youngstown within 30 days
- how C.O.P.S. money will arrive before September
- The SBA holding up youngstown for their successes
- youngstown 2010, mill creek park, the Butler and kelly pavlik

Oh, speaking of Kelly, I guess there was a fight or something downtown on Saturday.

Mayor Williams rushed back from Washington for the fight.

Here is what he saw and heard.

go youngstown.

- -

EVENING UPDATE: Youngstown Mayor, er, blogger, Jay Williams reiterates his approach to the stimulus funds:
"The return on this investment is better than anything that will currently be found on Wall St. And unlike the giants on Wall St., the City of Youngstown will not return hat-in-hand asking for a taxpayer bailout.

Least anyone perceives this as a publicity stunt; let me assure you that the City of Youngstown is ready and willing to put its money where its mouth is. Our federal government must be willing to do likewise.

If this stimulus plan is really about stimulating job creation, then all eyes should be turned toward Youngstown, OH."

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