Monday, February 09, 2009

vacant properties reclamation assessment to be released this tuesday

Tuesday is going to be a busy day.

Yesterday's post was about the upcoming forum on Youngstown's image in the media with national journalists set for 7:30pm at YSU.

Earlier in the day however, another set of practitioners aligned with the National Vacant Property Campaign (NVPC) will be coming to town for the release of a report examining strategies for reclaiming vacant properties in Youngstown and Mahoning County.

Set to begin at noon at St. Patrick's Church on the southside (the event is open to the public), the report's recommendations for next steps for the city and county will be unveiled.

Coming to town will be:
- Prof. Joe Schilling, from the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech
- Daniel Kildee, President of the Genesee Institute, Gennesee Land Bank

who share authorship with:
- Jonathan Logan, Design Coordinator for the Rochester Regional Community Design Center
- Alan Mallach, of Brookings' Metropolitan Policy Program and Rutgers University.

look for links to the full report on this blog when it comes available.

but again, look at Youngstown as a living laboratory.

a place willing to accept new approaches in contemporary urban planning.

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