Friday, February 27, 2009

the people on the bus go MVOC

"this community is establishing a new vision"

- - -

Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher and heads of the Ohio Department of Development came to Youngstown last week at the invitation of the MVOC.

Inside a bus filled with neighborhood block watch leaders and community activists, the group together toured the neighborhoods of Youngstown.

Winding through the city, officials from the Ohio Department of Development were able to see some neighborhoods that have been emptied out, some neighborhoods being smacked by the foreclosure crisis, and some neighborhoods that will be the front line on combating urban decay.

In a nutshell, the state of Ohio is needed as a partner in this city.

After the tour, over 600 people gathered at a church downtown to listen as a community and show a collective presence. Eyewitness account of inside the church's walls here.

The passion is there, but more resources are needed.

Reading this and want to become more involved in your neighborhood?

click here for a list of groups, or call the MVOC at 330.743.1196 for more information.

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