Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ytown mayor to feds: we will refund the money if we don't triple your invesment

Tonight at City Hall, just before heading to Washington D.C. to give the keynote address at the Northeast-Midwest Institute's Revitalizing Older Cities Capitol Hill Summit, Youngstown Mayor Jay Williams threw down a challenge:

Give Youngstown at least $5 million dollars.

The city will provide a 25% match.

And if Youngstown cannot get a match of $15 million from the private sector or create/retain 2,000 job in three years,

Youngstown will return the $5 million to the feds.

- - -

The Mayor has been making the rounds as of late. Last week, he spoke at the City Club in Cleveland on right-sizing the city:

Youngstown - a city with a plan.

Youngstown - a city with focused leadership.

Youngstown - a city to invest in.

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