Friday, February 20, 2009

tech belt update: organic, viral, asset-based

towards the end of January, Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania and Tim Ryan of Ohio spoke to the City Club in Cleveland about the Tech Belt initiative.

The video of the presentations, followed by q-and-a, is posted. Must see t.v. if you are an advocate of technology-based economic development in the Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, Pittsburgh mega-region.

It's not all pure TBED, and the discussion also includes train connectivity, public education, the stimulus package, small business development, SBIR funding, green energy, as well as a few jokes along the way.

the videos continue with . . .

part 2 here (this clip is particularly good)
part 3 here
part 4 here (q-and-a starts midway)
part 5 here
part 6 here

key bit of info: steering committee is formed and looking to move forward

just one question:
what is mechanism by which joe public can give their suggestions on the next steps for the Tech Belt?

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