Thursday, January 28, 2010

100 high-tech jobs offered in 100 days

here's the title of the press release:

"Technology Services Company Selects Youngstown as Kickoff City for “100 Hires in 100 Days” Campaign"

Looking at the key points... uses an innovative model that combines a cloud-based technology platform with a geographically distributed workforce to provide expert computer and technology assistance.

To qualify for the job you would need:
- A PC with minimum 3 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM with 1280x1024 minimum resolution.
- Minimum OS of Windows XP SP2 with latest security patches applied.
- Broadband connection (1 MB down / 384 kbps up)

More good details on the positions at the Youngstown Renaissance blog here.

Monday, January 25, 2010

is it possible for Ostatki 2010 top Ostatki 2009?

The group Polish Youngstown threw one hell of a party last year.

It's thrilling to see a local event done so well with such attention to detail - the quality of the the food at the Youngstown Club, the graphic design effort put into the printings, the chamber music, the games, the prizes.

This year, on February 6th, the carnival continues at Ostatki 2010.

Here's a tour of the sights and sounds from last year:

- - -

First off, you walk inside downtown's Youngstown Club, and the smell of Polish food and the sounds of violins greet you.

Every person is handed a passport. In the interior, the regions of Poland are identified, and you're able to get a stamp in your passport for every sample of Polish beverages you try.

Here's a video of the beverage stations, with Polish beers and chilled vodka:

You'll notice the camera shirts to the food at the end of the clip, so let's review the spread:

You've got steak, potato pancakes, kapusta, ribs, kielbasi, homemade bread, pyrohy, swinie stopy . . . it keeps going.

chilled borscht, to serve in bowls with crumbled hard boiled eggs and small pickles:

and sweet, sweet herring!

After the chamber music, the dj with the polish tunes started up.

At some point, the paczcki came out. Inside one of these donuts is a small statue. If you picked that donut, you won a membership to the Youngstown Club.

To select a winner, the paczcki parade commenced:

This year's event will also have a vodka cocktail contest by local Youngstown bartenders.

Ostatki 2010 is on Saturday, February 6 at 7pm downtown at the Youngstown Club.

Tickets for the food, music, contests, drinks is $30 if you reserve by Jan 29 to 330-719-0415. Otherwise, it's $40 at the door. Semi-formal attire.

So can Ostatki 2010 top Ostatki 2009?