Thursday, September 15, 2011

will you "jump the vatra" this Saturday?

The Youngstown region maintains some "uniquely distinct" annual local ethnic traditions which go way beyond the norms found at standard food/music/entertainment festivals.

The gem events (in my book) are The Baby Doll Dance, Ostatki, The Gathering of the Clams, Pabstolutely Fest, and the wintery Kulig.

Now add one more keeper to this list:


- - -

"Vatra" means bonfire in the Carpatho-Rusyn language, and this fine fire-jumping and folk-music festival continues to attract a wider audience beyond the region.

This year's Vatra will take place on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at the Shrine of Mariapoch (17486 Mumford Rd in Burton OH - just NW of Warren up route 422)

The events get underway at noon, when the kitchen open with:
- Vinegar cucumber and sweet onion / dill salad
- Slanina (bacon in the fire) with diced onions, tomatoes on bread
- Holubki (stuffed cabbage) and pirogies
- Haluski with dumplings
- Kolbasi with sauerkraut (kapusta)
- Kolachi for sale by pieces or whole rolls

From a music perspective, top-notch groups will be playing until the evening such as:
- The Slavjane Folk Ensemble of the Pittsburgh area, will dance and sing on a wooden - - Living Traditions Folk Ensemble from Cleveland
- The Lucinka Slovak Folklore Ensemble also from Cleveland
- The Byzantine Eparchial Choir from Munhall, PA.


- the group Harmonia, master musicians with Eastern Sloviakian vocalist Beata Begeniova who will play authentic folk instruments throughout the evening and well into the night while people are jumping the Vatra.

Overnight tent and trailer camping sites are be available!