Friday, October 28, 2011

is steampunk the ultimate rust best chic asthetic?

When someone told me my personal fashion was "steampunk" six months ago, and I have to admit it was the first time I'd heard the term.

An insult, I know, for those heavily interested in the steampunk genre, but since the remark I've been researching various forms of the steampunk design movement from special exhibits at Maker Faires to DIY Victorian weaponry and gadgets on YouTube.

In a twist regarding the local steampunk movement, artist Rob Joki is adapting his yearly production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at Youngstown's Rust Belt Theater Company to have more of a steampunk visual influence.


So thanks to Rob and The Rust Belt Theater Company, 
Steampunk meets Rocky Horror in Youngstown.

Reprinted at "The Boiler Room News", but originally written for the Vindicator (in a really well written and explanatory article), Joki's costumes are hand-made and use recycled and repurposed materials.

Along with the Zombie Prom at the Calvin Center, this version of Rocky Horror should keep you in the Mahoning Commons this weekend. (link to both events)

So in looking at the various aspects of steampunk fine and performing arts, is steampunk the ideal or ultimate design in the aesthetic of rust belt chic?

- - -

btw, is it better to be gypsypunk or steampunk?

the artistry behind the newest world-class downtown bike racks

3 racks in, 2 to go.

Here is a video of the craftsmanship and installation behind these soaring stainless steel beauties now installed in our central square:

Here are some other amazing photos by another super-talented Tony Nicholas, hands-down one of the best photographers in the Midwest.

All of the weld points are now entirely smoothed out, as the photo just above and below were before the final installation. (as indicated by all the green remaining on the leaves, instead of the shades of reds and yellows)

Kudos to Tony Armeni for a great effort on this particular rack, and more to come.

And thanks to all who made this possible, from the larger funders to the discothequers at the Rack and Roll bike party in 2010.

Here's some more of that sweet, sweet, local monome from The Realtime Digimob of Youngstown city, like granddaddy used to play it:

Monday, October 03, 2011

youngstown's new mayor has neat cameo in Zombie Crawl 2011 trailer

The design and promotions behind the annual zombie crawl just keep getting better and better.

Check out the video for the 2011 version, created by local talent Dan Mizicko:

Also making a cameo appearance is Youngstown's new mayor, who in the video is wandering down the street, attacked by zombies, and becomes a zombie himself.

This continues the proud tradition of the chief executive of the city of being involved in the annual zombie crawl, set in 2011 for October 22.

Nice video!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

video highlights of the first-ever Volney Rodgers Emerald Pierogi Award in the Rocky Ridge Neighborhood

80 residents came out to watch the award ceremony for the first annual Volney Rodgers Emerald Pierogi Award!

Here are some highlights!

It's time for you or your friends to move into the Rocky Ridge, no?

Other fine west side houses are adjacent to Mill Creek Park in the Garden District.

Here is a video from that group's September meeting: