Thursday, May 28, 2009

introducing "Greater Youngstown 2.0"

what is the Greater Youngstown 2.0 Project?

It's an effort use the internet to connect worldwide any person who has lived, still lives, or wants to live in the Mahoning Valley - to job opportunities and to each other.

It's a source for news updates for people who have an interest in greater Youngstown - stretching from Pittsburgh to Cleveland.

It's a tool that allows one to find jobs, and allows employers to post jobs - for free.

- - -

Instead of creating another social media tool for this effort, we're using LinkedIn - the most popular internet tool for people to share information about their skills and job experiences.

LinkedIn (wikipedia article here) is not the same as Facebook and MySpace, which are used more often to connect friends, share pictures, listen to music, etc.

LinkedIn is more business-oriented, sorta like an online resume. You choose what information goes into your profile. If you want, others can provide written recommendations for you, you can join other professional groups, and you can search for job opportunities.

Even if you currently have a job, it's a good idea to have a LinkedIn profile. (my opinion) Having a profile can connect you to civic organizations, networking opportunities, and who knows, maybe in 5 years when you are looking to transition to another position your established profile may help.

- - -

How to join GY2.0?

Click here.

It's free, it's quick to join, and you can quit whenever you want.

- - -

and click here for the accompanying blog for Greater Youngstown 2.0

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

front page story of business-journal describes GY2.0

If you're coming to this website today for the first time, welcome.

If you are a subscriber via RSS or a regular reader, welcome back.

One of the front page stories of today's Business-Journal, mentions this blog's participation in the Greater Youngstown 2.0 (GY2.0) Project.

Tomorrow's post will go into more detail on GY2.0, but you can access its LinkedIn group here.

and fantastic posts can be found on the GY2.0 blog here. Please add this site to your daily reading habits.

also check out this video, which captures many of the construction projects taking place in downtown youngstown:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a well-buttered efficient machine

more good stuff from Metro Monthly:

I'm lovin it.

every week, homemade pyrohy - a short walk from YSU and downtown.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

what will the future hold for youngstown?

the trailer for the upcoming Steel Valley documentary was just released on YouTube.

while the videography is assuredly beautiful, the conflicting voices within the video represent still the unknown future - a work definitely in progress.

but one thing's for sure, the our collective future is based upon the actions of thousands of individuals.

should we each operate in a bubble? should we all be connected?

what's your place in the years to come?

- - -

in the spirit of connecting talents to opportunities, GY2.0 is getting off the ground.

click here for an entry point.

and share what you think your future holds.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

construction downtown this week

Strolling down Federal Street this week, I saw four current construction projects all undergoing labor at the same time.

First, the Semple Building, the 3rd interconnected structure of the YBI complex is receiving its glass facade.

Second, the Lemon Grove cafe & bar right next to the Imbibe martini bar is coming together. Story here on the 160 year old barn from Brookfield they are deconstructing to recycle into the floor of the restaurant.

Third, the Realty Building keeps getting closer and closer to move-in data as a residential downtown option. These are older pictures from February, but the external stairs look almost complete in May.

Fourth, a parking lot is going up where the State Theater used to be along Boardman Street (where does the money from these parking lots go to anyway?)

and you could even argue the foundation of the new YSU business school is fifth and Charlie Staple's new addition on Rayen and Belmont for the Louisiana expansion of the restaurant is sixth.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

streetscape 2009 on saturday, may 30th, could always use a few more volunteers

and maybe you'll be the next volunteer.

for those who have not participated much in the Youngstown rejuvenation scene, the annual Streetscape event is a great one to get your hands dirty (both literally and figuratively).

This year's event will take place on saturday May 30th, from 8am to noon.

An extremely well-organized day, volunteers are dispatched to several parts of the city - with most planting flowers right in the downtown.

The Youngstown CityScape organization provides breakfast, lunch, a t-shirt, mulch, and flowers via their generous donors.

For logistical purposes, the ONE thing you are kindly requested to do is register.

more info on how to register here.

or call 330-742-4040

- - -

to see some pictures and video of the flowers, sunshine and music from StreetScape 2008 click here. From 2007 click here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

dobos torte and the 1st liquor license in youngstown

Kudos to the Metro Monthly, as within the week they have uploaded 9 new videos in their Homeplate series.

here's some samples of how it's done in Youngstown...

first off, the story behind the ribs at the Oaks (since 1919):

next, how to make chicken paprikash on the West Side with the Youngstown American Hungarian Club on Donald Avenue. (map here)

then, the story of the kiffel at Kravitz' Deli:

this next video is like a "How It's Made" episode on the Science Channel, with this video showing how Ghossain's famous fresh spinach pies come together every day:

finally, a trip to St. Casimir's in Brier Hill for Smacznego:

tracking the pittsburgh skyline

Local blogger (he also seems to be a congressional representative) Tim Ryan posted today that he was going to be Monday's Hardball with Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

Here is a clip of the interview:

hmmmm...what city's skyline is that in the background of the recording studio?

sleuthy instincts bought me to this picture, with more proof here.

Just another example of ties between two of America's great cities.

Friday, May 15, 2009

why I will not be with the disgusting, vile people and their horrific reefer at the Oakland this friday and saturday at 8pm, and saturday at midnight

these people make me sick.

with their loose morals. and their looser women.

thank goodness some upright citizens are leading the charge against this madness.

this reefer madness...

don't eat the brownie

"did somebody here leave a map in the printer to youngstown, ohio?"

in case you missed it...

cookie table anyone?

the art of Tony Nicholas

new local blog: Photo-Biography with Downforce Imaging

in the gallery at the Oakland Center for the Arts through this weekend.

some snippets...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

free downtown architectural tour - 7pm thursday May 14

The cover of May's Metro Monthly says it all: it's National Preservation Month.

On Thursday at 7pm, Mark C. Peyko, publisher and editor of the Metro Monthly will be hosting a downtown walking tour highlighting the history and architecture of Youngstown.

Everyone is meeting at the Man on the Monument downtown at the intersection of Market/Wick and Federal Street.

Here are a few clips from a tour last year:

Want to know why Daniel Burnham came to Youngstown?

How about where in Youngstown the Warner Brothers got their start?

Or where the Good Humor Bar was invented in downtown Youngstown?

Guaranteed you will learn something.

If you work downtown, take a post-work drink or grab a bite and meet up for the tour at 7pm.

business-journal melds video and print media with new feature

The local Business-Journal concentrates its efforts on the five-county region of Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana in Ohio, plus Mercer and Lawrence counties in Pennsylvania.

And they are re-introducing a familiar face to the Valley to blend both video and print content. Their first video was released today:

In her first Media Scope column, Stacia Erdos writes:
"And I respond, with what’s become my standard answer, “I live here in the Mahoning Valley.

Actually, I never left.”

Yep, for 10 years, I commuted an hour each way to Pittsburgh working as the weekend anchor at WPXI and Fox and reporting nights. I covered everything from the attacks on Sept. 11 to the Steelers in Super Bowl XL. As anyone who’s worked those kind of hours knows, it turns your life upside down, especially if you have young children.

I always loved reporting on the issues, but with broadcast news moving fast and furiously on a track I wasn’t sure was right for me, I decided it was time to refocus my energies on my family and back on the Valley."
This comment led me to think on how intertwined the Youngstown and Pittsburgh labor markets are.

Read more thoughts on this topic on the new Greater Youngstown 2.0 blog here. (make sure to join the RSS feed of this one)

I've said before I read every issue of the Business-Journal from cover to cover because the quality of the news it brings. Looks like they are offering a free trial subscription here.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

really getting into these local bands in youngstown, ohio

Thanks to the good writings of the JamBrain blog, tonight I came across a story on the local act Exit/Exit.

Turns out Exit/Exit was featured on NPR last year.

I'm finally getting excited on the sounds coming from Youngstown, as a few bands are starting to match my wider tastes in contemporary music - heavy on "excessive vamping", light on the vocals, and a bit of synth/electronica or organ/base work.

At an attempt towards an agglomeration of stylings, here are some links to a cluster I am following (click on the "+" to listen):

+ Braille
+ La Vérité
+ November Loop
+ Sam Goodwill
+ Steven and the Damned
+ Exit/Exit
+ the Depths
+ The Realtime Digimob
+ The Sweet Delights
+ Posture Coach
+ Starfish on the Battlefield

try stepping through and listen to all these bands.

any similarities stand out?

Friday, May 08, 2009

get married in Youngstown

Facebook and text messages were all a twitter in the past few hours as Youngstown was mentioned several times on the Office tonight.

some samples:
"Youngstown, Ohio on The Office! What's up!"

"Pam and Jim would have had the wedding in Youngstown if they only knew about cookie tables."

"I was really hoping for some Y-town footage on The Office tonight and wishes there was a disco cafe at school."

"It was about not needing a 30 day waiting period to get a wedding license in Youngstown... there was not gag or dig on y-town."

"everybody SHUT UP about the office... I HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YET AND I DON'T WANT IT SPOILED FOR ME. I'm aware they mention Ytown in some capacity but I'LL WATCH TOMORROW GEEZE"
- - -

We should have a community-wide wedding reception party within the next few weeks for Jim and Pam.

there would be cookie table.
there would be the Dollar Dance.
there would be cavatelli in the buffet.
there would be the rolling pin game.
there would be homemade wine.
there would be at least two polkas.
there would be pre-reception photos at Fellows Riverside Gardens.

A post on this blog exactly one year ago rejoiced at the opening of "the 2008 Cookie Table Season".

As The Office teaches us, weddings in Youngstown are a thing to get excited about.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

walk youngstown

Just finished a midnight misty stroll through downtown Charlotte.

check out what they have done along some of the windows along a side street:

It's an uber-map that's 10 feet tall, many many feet wide, and very clearly points out what to see in town.

So instead of making a stand alone sign like what exists on the YSU campus, maybe this same concept can be replicated in Youngstown.

- - -

where do you think this can be placed?

In the Covelli Center's windows?

In the parking deck nearest to the "the Cove"?

In the windows where Plaza Optical used to be?

where else?

Monday, May 04, 2009

what you need to say to get a five-fingered discount at William Leonard's Extraordinary Gentlemen

ok, maybe the title should have been "how you can get a five-dollar discount on your next haircut or manicure".

- - -

A month ago, this blog covered the story of William Leonard's Extraordinary Gentlemen at Phelps and Federal - a new place for gents to relax downtown.

Lots of effort and passion went into making this place a reality.

Here is the deal.

Upon payment, if you say to the proprietor these four simple words:

"I Will Shout Youngstown"

You will get $5 off your next haircut or manicure. It's just that simple.

Today Youngstown Vindicator Editor & extraordinary gentleman T. Franko blogged about his recent experience at William Leonard's Extraordinary Gentlemen. (video of Lisa the proprietor here)

where else can you crank up the tunes and rock out to George Thorogood & The Destroyers while getting cleaned up?

it's great to be able to get these services downtown.

just as a reminder, the hours are:
Monday thru Friday, 11am to 7pm
Saturday, 10am to 2pm

call for appointments: