Tuesday, November 16, 2010

tuesday's public workshops to look at pedestrian paths and roadways near YSU

On Tuesday Nov 16, two workshops will be held downtown to discuss the future of bikeways, roadways, and walkways around the YSU campus and downtown.

What do you think should be around YSU?

less bike paths?
more crosswalks?
higher speed limits?
additional parking lots on Wick Avenue by demolishing historical properties?

Your opinions are desired at these two sessions:

10:30am - 12:00pm
Chestnut Room, Kilcawley Center
parking provided in Wick Ave Garage
on campus

5:00pm - 6:30pm
Eastgate Offices, City Center One Building
100 East Federal Street, Suite 1000

you can also leave additional comments here.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Rust Belt Brewery to release newest mircobrew downtown Saturday - a milk stout

noon Saturday, Nov 13th, at the B&O train station.

That's the time and place the Rust Belt Brewery will release to the public for the first time their newest flavor made with Youngstown tap water - their Milk Stout.

It is the first beer to be released in the new line of John Young Selects, a series of brews to honor the founder of Youngstown.

The initial release will only be 100 cases, and will only be available at the brewery on Saturday.

Can't wait to try it out!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

RACK & ROLL - a friday party for downtown bike rack sculptures

This Friday, a big step forward will take place in the placement of bike racks in downtown youngstown.

The RACK & POLL party will take place - a party with a $4 cover - and all proceeds from this event will go toward the creation of one-of-a-kind bike racks, designed by local artists, in downtown Youngstown!

time: 9:30pm to 3:00am

With performances by:
Chris Splain
Joe Shelby
The Realtime Digimob

Followed by a dance party with Matt and Richie till late.

4 bikes will be raffled off - by the group Bike Youngstown!

Maps of "Best Bike Routes in Youngstown" will be available from The Outspokin' Wheelmen!

Projection art!
Those tall hand-fabricated bikes!
Photography from urban bike races through downtown by Downforce Imaging!

See some of the participating sculptors' work:
Tony Armeni - link
Daniel Horne - link
Charles Hughes - link

This project brought to you by a (growing) coalition of interested citizens, bike riders, and Youngstown artists.

See what's possible below...
(photo by Tony Nicholas)

THE event to attend in Youngstown Friday night.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

tasting results from the 2010 vintage of local cider

In our continuing efforts to bring the highest quality journalistic endeavors to the internet, the staff at this blog recently sponsored a local-cider tasting event with 3 of Youngstown's finest chefs.

Each of those refined palates were given unmarked glasses of three local and prominent apple ciders.

The ciders were from:
White House Fruit Farm - link
Haus Orchards and Cider Mill - link
Hays Orchard - link

In unmarked glasses, the judges captured their thoughts on paper.

Here are some of their comments from all three judges for each sample:

sample A
"slightly buttery, sugar is subtle but not overpowering"
"body: light with a crisp apple finish"
"richness in color"
"slightly acidic, deep hues of color"

sample B
"clean, crisp taste"
"darkest color of all samples"
"long finish of apple remains in mouth"
"slight spice, even peppery"
"distinct apple taste - like biting an apple"

sample C
"translucent compared to others"
"saccharine sweet"
"slight tartness, even onion residues"
"too sweet"
"tastes artificial"
"light in color and body compared to the others"

Two judges picked sample B to be the best.
One judge picked sample A to the the best.
All judges agreed sample C to be a distant third compared to the others.

now, let's put in the names of the ciders into the above sentence...

Two judges picked Haus' Cider to be the best.
One judge picked Hays Cider to the the best.
All judges agreed White House Cider to be a distant third compared to the others.

- - -

Depending on the harvest the apples used from year to year may change, but for the 2010 vintage, the judges found...

Haus' Apple Cider is the best.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

metro monthy posts The Flats at Wick ribbon-cutting

from the north side:


More housing now up, and more planned on campus/in downtown. discussed further in this great article in the Business-Journal:
Dominic Marchionda, president of US Campus Suites LLC, told guests at a ribbon-cutting event Monday that he plans to begin Phase II of the $24 million Flats at Wick next year, and at the same time start preliminary work on a plan to convert downtown's Erie Terminal into additional student apartments.

Marchionda is performing due diligence on that property, and says a student-housing complex would be a perfect fit there because of its proximity to the new Youngstown State Williamson College of Business Administration.

And he shared his vision of redeveloping this YSU section of the city's North Side. In addition to the parcels bound by Bryson and Elm Streets, Madison Avenue, and the West Bound Service Road, Marchionda has purchased the parking lot and convenience store across the street.
watch the patterns of investment...