Sunday, April 17, 2011

new First National Bank sign dominates the Youngstown skyline

Workers on Saturday installed the new signage top the Metropolitan Tower (art deco - the tallest) in downtown youngstown.

The sign is massive, almost 6 feet in height and 87 feet in length.

It is definitely readable with the naked eye from the top of the Ward Bakery Building - about a mile from downtown.

First National Bank (headquartered in nearby Hermitage PA) sold their own building, the 224 foot 16-story Metropolitan Tower to Lou Frangos in 2007 (link to press release), shifting itself from the owner to a tenant.

Friday, April 01, 2011

reintroducing The Bridge

amazing video about The Bridge Movement with great story and beautiful imagery:

The vibe in the short from DeKorda captures being on the ground in Youngstown:
- people settling from across the u.s./world
- people discovering the depth of activities that exist here
- people enjoying other people

more shots from around downtown...

here are more beautiful/amazing shorts from SIO Productions:

This one of Ohio Downhill Skating is just fantastic.

Kudos to those with the talents to put these together...