Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I hear the davis is really humming now

No more borrowed nostalgia for the 1980s.

I was there in 2008, touring the davis building, working on the organ sounds.

I was there, playing daft punk. all the modern lovers hits.

everyone thought it was crazy.

- - -

and now some more of the up front marble is cleaned up.

the steps are painted, the handrails are installed.

furniture is being placed inside the architecture studio.

the bookshelves are being prepped,

for its close-up.

The textures and colors on this wall are jenky cool.

here is un otre.

then emerging onto the shuffleboard court on the 3rd floor.

other than the glass block, the shower space is great.

looking off the edge of the roof deck.

with a spin-around pan=o=ramic view.

with foliage growing on the roof of the Agora.

eurotrash washer and dryer.

and nifty appliances with that modern look.

this is the coolest replicator/oven I have ever seen.

"turkey breast boneless" indeed.

losing my edge.


Paul said...

Stop hating on glass block.

Paul said...

Stop hating on glass block!

Paul said...

Grrr...your freakin' languages make me mad. What does this even say?

Paul said...

I'm so confused!