Monday, June 16, 2008

the people in the neighborhood

Jess Adkins is happy and currently living in Youngstown, Ohio.

- - -

In 1981, Jess was thrown off a hill and landed in Kentucky.
In 1990, Jess learned how to dance like M.C. Hammer.
In 2003, Jess begins carving while living in a hunting cabin.
In 2008, Jess displays some of his work in a gallery downtown.

Readers of Shout Youngstown first saw a glimpse of Jess' work from a review of the Stage at the Oakland in November 2007.

More recently, a downtown gallery displayed Jess' woodcarvings of the characters he remembers from his neighborhood growing up on the south side of youngstown in Lansingville. In his words:

From a description by the artist:
"I am interested in learning more about our story, your story, and even my own story in the process of creating work.

In the neighborhood I am trying to recall all of those individuals who lived in my childhood neighborhood, only from memories and stories.

What dissolves over time or who are recalled act as mental landmarks for an ever-changing world. What remains and what fades away."

from the opening reception:

additionally, be on the lookout for Jess' next project, the life-sized (to be unveiled)

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Tyler said...

Thanks for featuring these. Wonderful. You continue to do a great job of covering all sides of The Yo!