Thursday, June 19, 2008

stambaugh building: week 3: thursday

It's been two weeks since most of the windows have been taken out of the Stambaugh Building.

and the forecast?

rain, rain, and more rain.

- - -

A few audio files to listen to:

From last week, more discussion on the Dan Rivers' Show - especially about the opinions of those coming downtown for the sold-out Carrie Underwood concert at the Chevy Center.

Stambaugh talk begins 2/3 though the clip here.
and continues for the rest of the hour here.

On Monday, Mr. Frangos himself had an interview on the radio. You can listen to his perspectives for 45 minutes here.

And also from Monday, Metro Monthly publisher Mark Peyko discusses the Stambaugh Building, pictures of Idora Park, and downtown walking tours here. (mark starts halfway though mp3 file)

Speaking of Metro's walking tours, pictures of the recent June event is here, and the next one has been announced for Thursday, July 17th at 7pm downtown.

and we conclude today with a very interesting article on the collective psychology of the Mahoning Valley from a clinical psychologist here.

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