Friday, June 13, 2008

stambaugh building: week 2: friday update

Two new in-depth stories by the Business-Journal one here about the details of the Design and Review Committee meeting and one here about unpaid taxes.

and a blogpost from The Todd, editor-in-chief:
"My family helped plant flowers last weekend for the city’s StreetScape effort. The Stambaugh windows permeated the event. Physically — the fenced-off protection closed East Federal and limit access to parts of the plaza intended for work. Mentally — the gaping holes seemed to counter the mission of the day, which was to improve downtown.

At least three people — including a city councilman — asked me if The Vindicator was going to do something to fix “those windows.” It was humbling and rewarding, but also puzzling.

We’re not the city. We don’t have zoning powers the last I checked."
With another story from the Vindicator highlighting the recent Design and Review Committee Meeting here. (read the whole piece for more context)
"About 400 windows were removed from the building’s upper 12 floors. The 13-story structure has 531 windows, many of which are located inside the building next to where they used to hang, they said."

"City officials said Frangos’ companies violated a number of city laws and codes by doing the work without prior notification and approval.

Frangos said his plan is to board up the window frames with plywood and paint the wood. He also had considered putting plastic around the window frames."

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