Tuesday, June 03, 2008

shuffling through the davis

Bit by bit, this building really is coming together.

Here are some photos from mid-May of inside the Davis:

First off, a view from the front door off Federal Street, looking into the interior on the ground floor.

See the marble on the ground? At some point of the building's history, the marble was actually on the outside - as the space around it was the border for the display windows.

Jumping up to the 2nd floor, the floors have been shined up, the furniture is getting put in place.

The cabinets are being installed, the walls are being painted.

And the shelves for the library are being placed.

Moving into the office's waiting area, and to the steps heading to the 3rd floor . . .

The private residence is coming together. Check out the shuffleboard court on the right which has been stained upon the floor.

Game on.

The speakers are up (critical step), as is the plasma fireplace.

Game on.

The mix of colors and textures is great.

The red, the brick, the white, the wood, the glass.

Finally, another view at night from the balcony - peering onto the State Theater.

Stay tuned for more great photos of the construction. Thanks to the owners for allowing Shout Youngstown in the building.

And click on the tags for "davis building" below to see the progression of this project from start to finish.

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