Wednesday, August 12, 2009

and let the national laughing spree begin...

I've heard from multiple people that the guys and gals behind the Mahoning Valley Scrappers in Niles Ohio, the A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, are really quality people.

We must take care to differentiate between good people and bad decisions.

But thanks to the promotional efforts of the team's management, the ghost of political, ethical, and representative destruction is being picked up by the national media.

Again, there are probably (hopefully) good people in the MV Scrappers organization, but I think it's time to say:

it's time to cancel Jim Traficant night at the ballpark.

it's time to move on.

what do you think?

- - - - -

update: to the Scrappers' credit, Jim Traficant night has been canceled. (link)


downforce said...

It is hard to believe that this "traficant night" at the scappers game is going to happen. Mr. Anthonys having a dinner in his honor? For what? for making us look like fools? I would hope that "we" have turned a page into a new way of doing things. This is a move that is backwards and only will dredge up old negative ways of thinking. The days of serving only self-interests have been proven not to be a productive way of making things better for all of us. Is Traficant a connection to the past? People much wiser than myself have often stated,know your history so as not to repeat mistakes of the past! I choose to look foreward, Yesterday is gone forever. Leave the past were it is.

Mike Prelee said...

Traficant's shenanigans are part of the deal old past. If his friends and family want to celebrate his return they should do so in private. The rest of us haveno interest in celebrating what his conviction represents.