Tuesday, August 18, 2009

fire-swallowing classes downtown youngstown this weekend (you get to keep the torch you make)

On both Saturday August 22 and Sunday August 23 you can participate in one barnburner of an event - a fire-swallowing class offered by Travis of the Pickled Brothers Sideshow.

participants will learn:
• Fire Safety
• Torch and prop making
• Fire-Eating
• Fire-Breathing

Props, fuel, workbooks and other supplies will be provided.
Participants will make and keep their own torches.
cost is $75

if you are interested, email
travis (at) pickledbrothers.com

don't worry, you can trust Travis.

He is the current "World Record Title Holder for Number of Live Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches Held in Mouth for Longest Amount of Time" and a cool dude.

check him out on Leno here:


Tyler said...

Now that I've seen a bunch of cockroaches in someone's mouth, my day can officially commence.

Anonymous said...

See, Youngstown is a dangerous place!