Sunday, August 30, 2009

but the traficant issue is a business issue

Within 10 minutes of waking up this morning, I picked up the Sunday edition of the Youngstown Vindicator outside the front door.

Inside today's pages, there was a very well-written and reasoned piece by the CEO of the Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber concerning this week's upcoming release of Jim Traficant. It contained several thoughtful points, including the following passage:
"He has paid for his crimes and deserves to be with his family and friends. He deserves to be free and enjoy the things in life that are important to him. I do wish him well.

However, it’s one thing to wish someone well, someone who has completed his debt to society, but quite another thing to celebrate his release and homecoming.

Celebrating James Traficant’s return, as some in the Mahoning Valley are doing, is inappropriate.

He is a convicted felon, someone who brought shame and ridicule to his office and to his community."
While you can read the rest here, kudos needs to be given to the Chamber and their leadership, on taking a stance on this issue.

Let's hope the national and local media who report on this story in the week to come will present a balanced approach on the opinions that exist in this community regarding the release.

- - -

Another story in today's paper includes some reactions to the Chamber piece.

according to one voice:
"I’d just like to see the chamber help my clients get more information, grants, find new markets [and] not expound about non-business issues like Traficant."
- - -

So is this topic a non-business issue?

I remember in 2000 one of my first site visits - to Atlanta, Georgia - and meeting a gentleman who upon hearing I was from the Mahoning Valley, made comments about the corruption that existed in some of the elected officials. As a business person, the existence of corruption created a flashing sign in his mind, to stay away, and just not do business in the Mahoning Valley.

Indeed, the existence and celebration of corruption today contributes to the hindrance of long-term economic growth.

A proper interest of the Chamber is the long-term economic strength of the region.

Thus, it is proper for the Chamber to speak out on this issue.


Tyler said...

Right on.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! life is a forward impulse . . . how can you see were you are going if you are constantly looking back?

Mark said...

For once in my life I find myself agreeing with Humphreys of the Chamber of Commerce. Normally this would never happen, as I see the Chamber of Commerce as one of the biggest failures in this valley! Millions of dollars poured down into the bottomless pit they call economic development, The Chamber has proposed stupid ideas like an indoor racetrack, a blimp factory, and a shower curtain factory.

Next thing they'll come out behind the SCAMMER with the shrimp farm, lets see how much money they can dump into that project. I know he's looking for investors

I'm surprised Humphrey wrote a letter without spending $300,000 for a study whether to have it written or not!!!

The Chamber of Commerce has spent tens of millions of dollars over the years PROMOTING this area. They are huge a HUGE failure. Now we have these $)(*&^@ who want to have a party to welcome back, a convicted felon. In one hand, the Chamber of Commerce is spending millions of dollars on ads in the national media to promote this area and were're going to have a party for convicted felon In one fell swoop we will be the laughing stock of the country. Nobody would consider coming to our area.

Traficant has already announced he's going to do interviews with the national media undoubtedly he'll be on Sean Hannity talking about his welcome back party, and how he was framed.

BEAM ME UP!!!!!!