Wednesday, August 05, 2009

rust belt beer now bottled and in stores

Made the walk to my grocery store in the city on Sunday and strolled leisurely down the beverage isle.

Here is what I saw:

refrigerated, 22-ouncers from the Rust Belt Brewery Company.

check out the condensation:

and looking at the label on the side:
"Product of the USA. Youngstown, Ohio"

"U.S. Steel. Youngstown Sheet and Tube. Republic Steel. These are some of the industries that built the Mahoning Valley...

We brew each batch with the exact precision and dedication of the men and women who made these industries thrive. This beer is a tribute to their hard work and sacrifices that have stained our river a rusted red."
from their website:

We are always looking for additional distributors to deliver our product. Interested patrons, please contact us at:
rustybrew (at) gmail (dot) com

- - -

can beer bring the Rust Belt together?


Tyler said...

Only if we do our part and drink it!

Diggitt said...

Is it better than Rolling Rock?

ccccraig said...

We have some at Creekside Beverage in Boardman! Just the 22oz size of the irish red. The good news for Rust Belt is they sell quickly. The bad news for customers is they sell quickly.

Anonymous said...

You don't have the guts to post this

Lou said...

Chalet in North Lima is Carrying The Red also.

ralph said...

I drank The Irish Red at it at Big Family Girard Oh.
LOVE IT, will go back for more.

ralph said...

Tried it at Big family in Girard.
Loved it, I will enjoy it next time I go