Sunday, August 09, 2009

how it's made: exal's aluminum extruded cans and sculpture at the Butler

advanced manufacturing today really is an artform.

There was an interesting story in a recent Youngstown Vindicator article about fusing the artistic talents of the Butler Art Museum with the manufacturing expertise of Exal, both of Youngstown.

Check out a video of the announcement here.

But looking around Exal's website, they have an amazing three-part video on their production methods from melting aluminum slugs to printing colors on the finished bottle product.

You can find the video here, but you need to click on "plant tour" then "manufacturing process video" to watch it.

This operation looks like a finalist for the Science Channel's show How It's Made.

- - -

Speaking of wonderful art, tomorrow August 9th is the last day of the amazing kinetic sculptures of Bob Potts at the Butler. Here is one example of the amazing things you may see there:

noon to 4pm on Sundays

pro bono publico
(for the public good - always free)

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