Thursday, March 30, 2006

martinis in the museum

A few months ago I went to an event at a science center called "Martinis & Imax" which was a pretty cool idea. You have a movie, you have a martini, and voila! Next thing I knew, I was flying with the penguins in the Arctic.

Well it seems our little martini bar downtown is doing well, and Imbibe recently celebrated their official grand opening (watch it online).

So can we create these type of fusion events in the Youngstown?

Maybe there could be a late-night gallery tour at the Butler with martinis, or some type of cross-promotion with the indie film people affiliated with Keep it Reel, Inc? It says here that they are looking for venues to show movies.

It would be an interesting exercise for all the city businesses and arts groups to think about unique ways they could partner together in the future.

Maybe a live-music concert in the Planetarium?
Or ballet in the garden?

any other ideas?

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Anonymous said...

That is a great Idea- Imbibe at the Butler! I know one of the owners of Imbibe, if you do not mind I am going to offer him your suggestion. What a great night out for some grad students and young professionals. We have stuff like that hear in Cleveland as well. It is always a lot of fun. And for usually 15-30 a piece you get appetisers, beer/wine and some vnue of entertainment.