Friday, April 07, 2006

design in den haag

Well, the Spring Herring (Hollandse Nieuwe) have arrived! Say what?

About this time of year, the first boats return from the North Sea and their conents are believed to be the freshest and tastiest fish of the year. The recipe for one of these sammiches includes: one fresh baked broodje (small bun), one unskinned raw herring with the head and tail recently removed, a heaping of onions, and an adventurous spirit.

Walking around Den Haag, I took a few photos of designs that were interesting. Check out this one which is a street light embedded within the sculpture of a flower. Wouldn't a string of these look really good in a narrow street like Phelps between West Federal and Commerce?

And following up on a previous blog about signage, here is a directional sign with a tiny rendition of a native bird at the top. Very distinctive!

It just goes to show how little pieces of thoughtful design here and there can really liven up a place.

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Anonymous said...

I keep wishing I had studied design in college. Is it too late?