Saturday, February 07, 2009

the simple genesis of this blog

I remember seeing this documentary for the first time while in high school.

It's hard not to feel emotion from it, no matter where you call home.

So here it is, placed on YouTube, the five acts of the documentary Shout Youngstown by Carol Greenwald & Dorie Krauss, featuring the people of this city and their struggle to endure. A movie for the whole Nation of Youngstown spread over the earth.

If you want to see my favorite part of the movie, forward to 2:45 on the last video and watch John Barbero explain his role in life:

and thus, from John's lips, came the title of this blog.

where ever we travel,
where ever we're found,
everywhere I go,
I will shout Youngstown,
I will shout Youngstown.

I will shout Youngstown.

I will shout Youngstown.



elecpenciljim said...

Thanks for this I haven't seen the film in a decade! They don't make union leaders like John Barbaro and Ed Mann anymore and we are the worse for it.

I'm proud to call Staughton Lynd a friend and my wife says, I'm a better man for knowing people like him and his wife Alice.

Rick Rowlands said...

I'm glad that these videos which I uploaded to Youtube are being used and appreciated!