Thursday, May 21, 2009

construction downtown this week

Strolling down Federal Street this week, I saw four current construction projects all undergoing labor at the same time.

First, the Semple Building, the 3rd interconnected structure of the YBI complex is receiving its glass facade.

Second, the Lemon Grove cafe & bar right next to the Imbibe martini bar is coming together. Story here on the 160 year old barn from Brookfield they are deconstructing to recycle into the floor of the restaurant.

Third, the Realty Building keeps getting closer and closer to move-in data as a residential downtown option. These are older pictures from February, but the external stairs look almost complete in May.

Fourth, a parking lot is going up where the State Theater used to be along Boardman Street (where does the money from these parking lots go to anyway?)

and you could even argue the foundation of the new YSU business school is fifth and Charlie Staple's new addition on Rayen and Belmont for the Louisiana expansion of the restaurant is sixth.

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Tyler said...

Apparently the money from parking lots is going to the Realty construction