Friday, May 15, 2009

why I will not be with the disgusting, vile people and their horrific reefer at the Oakland this friday and saturday at 8pm, and saturday at midnight

these people make me sick.

with their loose morals. and their looser women.

thank goodness some upright citizens are leading the charge against this madness.

this reefer madness...

don't eat the brownie

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Benjamin said...

that's pretty funny, but one thing strikes me as strange.. wouldn't a protest of the show "reefer madness" most likely be attended by people who *smoked pot and were trying to further the use of marijuana/hemp, rather than those who were against its use, generally speaking? (just saying cause it's my understanding that "reefer madness" unfairly demonizes the many uses of hemp/marijuana, right?) i've never actually seen the film or any adapted plays, fwiw.