Friday, May 08, 2009

get married in Youngstown

Facebook and text messages were all a twitter in the past few hours as Youngstown was mentioned several times on the Office tonight.

some samples:
"Youngstown, Ohio on The Office! What's up!"

"Pam and Jim would have had the wedding in Youngstown if they only knew about cookie tables."

"I was really hoping for some Y-town footage on The Office tonight and wishes there was a disco cafe at school."

"It was about not needing a 30 day waiting period to get a wedding license in Youngstown... there was not gag or dig on y-town."

"everybody SHUT UP about the office... I HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YET AND I DON'T WANT IT SPOILED FOR ME. I'm aware they mention Ytown in some capacity but I'LL WATCH TOMORROW GEEZE"
- - -

We should have a community-wide wedding reception party within the next few weeks for Jim and Pam.

there would be cookie table.
there would be the Dollar Dance.
there would be cavatelli in the buffet.
there would be the rolling pin game.
there would be homemade wine.
there would be at least two polkas.
there would be pre-reception photos at Fellows Riverside Gardens.

A post on this blog exactly one year ago rejoiced at the opening of "the 2008 Cookie Table Season".

As The Office teaches us, weddings in Youngstown are a thing to get excited about.


Mike Prelee said...

I damn near fell off the exercise bike when they mentioned Youngstown last night. The map they held up even had the route laid out correctly (let's hear it for the pause button and DVR's). I was even impressed that Dwight pronounced "Youngstown" correctly, given how some politicians stumble over it.

The Stage said...

i like this idea....i havent seen that ep of the office, or any this season, but i like the idea!